Why OEM with Equipmed?​

Technical Advantages of choosing Equipmed ​as your OEM Branded micro-needling pen. (Original Equipment Manufacturer). ​



Take advantage of the original Trusted Australian developer of the original Dermapen™ which has become the gold standard in micro-needling technology. 

Only Equipmed USA provides IP and IT security on your investment which is unmatched in this field.  Trust and mutual respect for your business makes choosing Equipmed a safe and profitable decision for long term business success. 

RFID Needles Security

This means, no counterfeit or cross market selling other needles in your branded pen. The RFID in the chip provides Anti-Counterfeit measures to secure your business. ”YOUR BRAND” pen will have “YOUR BRAND NEEDLES” ensuring no other needle will work in “YOUR BRAND” microneedling device. ​

Integrated Mobile App 

Invaluable Real time data. Usage and connectivity to the end users around the world.

Custom Clinic Finder Service ​

The integration of the pen, needle and a “Clinic finder” platform – helps build business for you and your customers.​


Equipmed and its partners worldwide benefit from a growing number global certification approvals.