World leading microneedling technology

Not just a pen, the ULTIMATE microneedling pen offers unsurpassed advances in backend technology. 

Features ensuring outstanding results for your clientelle.

Bluetooth Enabled Connectivity

Never Obsolete! Automated warranty, updates, support for an unrivalled advantage.​

Dual Power Operation

Manage depth, speed and treatment settings at the press of a button.​

Award winning Ergonomic Design

The lightweight, ergonomic hand-piece has an easy-grip mechanism for maximum comfort.​

Revolutionary 16-Needle Cartridge

The needles glide over the skin creating more channels for better results, with less pain.​

Vertical Needle Oscillation

The needles puncture the skin in an up and down motion, for increased speed, precision and safety.​

Retention Valves

Achieve greater penetration and no dragging with regulated suction release.​

Anti-Contamination features on Pen and Needle Cartridge

Ensures there’s no fluid backflow, no cross-contamination. ​

Back to base Warranty

Fully transferable warranty available of various options between 2-7 years.

Why OEM with Equipmed?​

Technical Advantages of choosing Equipmed as your OEM Branded micro needling pen. (Original Equipment Manufacturer).